Your Car : Your Clinic

Avoid the long lines outside of traditional clinics by booking a convenient Vaxi Drive-Thru appointment. Our caring team of Nurses is ready to administer all types of vaccinations & tests via the comfort of your own vehicle.

How it

step 1

Book an appointment

Choose the clinic location & appointment time that works best. Determine the services you need (vaccines & tests) and enter your payment details.
step 2

Complete health

Once registered, you’ll receive our digital intake form. This is where you will enter important information such as your vaccination history, provincial health number and the type of vaccines and/or tests that you would like administered. A nurse will review your intake form prior to your appointment and contact you with any questions.
step 3

Before you arrive

Before your appointment, you'll be asked to complete a COVID-19 Safety Screening. Anyone who is symptomatic will be provided the option to reschedule or complete a COVID-19 test during their appointment.
step 4

Concierge check-in

Upon arrival at our VAXI locations, we’ll confirm each patients’ details and review our process & procedures. You will then be prepped and directed to move your vehicle to the appropriate lane. Once in line, it will take just a few minutes before the appointment.  
step 5

Getting vaccinated

When it’s your turn, you’ll pull your vehicle forward while staying in your designated lane. Once in position you will only be with the nurse for around 3 to 5 minutes, or until everything is done.
step 6

Wait for release

Patients will pull forward to a holding area to wait up to 10 minutes, before being allowed to drive away to make sure there are no adverse reactions to any vaccinations. After a brief wait, depending on your preference, you’ll get a text message or email saying you are good to go! You’ll also receive your invoice, along with a copy of your vaccination records.
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where to find us

Drive-thru locations

Vaxi drive-thru locations are located in Vancouver & the Fraser Valley and are available for pre-booked appointments only.

Hours of operations and locations may vary. To find availability at the location closest to you please click book now

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Do you have a site that would make an amazing Vaxi Drive-Thru location? We would like to help drive traffic to your business while we make flu vaccines more accessible to new communities. We have teams available throughout B.C. and are always looking for new community partners.

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Interested in driving more traffic to your business by hosting a Vaxi Drive-thru in your community? We continue to look for community partners throughout BC – chat or email for more information!